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Our focus is to provide the right healing atmosphere that connects the mind, spirit, and body by offering the ‘Bioviva holistic spa’ a unique experience to all our clients. We provide a very loving and warm environment that encourages the sound mind and sexual purity. In case you are looking for a home service spa near me, we do not offer home service.

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We Formulate

One very unique thing about us is that we uniquely formulate customized skin care product for each of our client. We study your skin and we give you the most suitable skincare product for after care home use; uniquely synthesized for your skin condition.

Over the years we have recorded outstanding result with our team of expert formulators. We also formulate professional products for spa use. Please yourself and join the train of our happy clients all over the world.

Spa Membership

A membership with Bioviva Holistic Spa promises you value and puts you on a holistic path to total wellness. We’ve always promised to give you value for every penny spent, and that’s just what these are. Our memberships are for the continuous spa goer and beauty lover. We recognise that our clients come in
all shapes and sizes, so we created plans for just about everyone!

Join the Bioviva Tribe today, and embrace tranquillity.

spa in Lagos

OUR SERVICES AS THE BEST "spa in lagos mainland and prices"

Our objective is to make you look exquisitely gorgeous, feeling great and rejuvenated. We are confident that our professional services plus amazing products will guarantee you a world class experience and we offer the best more like you are in epe resort and spa lagos.

Advanced aesthetics

ionActive+face treat(Iontophoresis for dilated capillaries, dry skin, oily/blemished skin, normal and sensitive skin)

Wellness Package for the Elderly

With love in our hearts, we join you to care for your aged ones tenderly caring for them by offering an intensive pampering sessions that leave them absolutely happy.

Bioviva Purity Ritual

Two therapists, one unique client, and a very rare spa wrap and bath that combines Asian,Roman and African bath styles in one bath session exclusive to Bioviva only.

Clinical Massage

In Bioviva our Clincal massage is often used as part of treatment program for illness, injury, disease and relaxation.

Vitamin Infusion

Vitamin infusion is the secret of a younger and healthier you. It relieves stress, clears toxins, balance hormones.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage improves circulation, relives stiff muscles, and opens tight joints. Heated river stones are strategically arranged on pressure points on the face and body.

Meditation Center

We operate a Christian Meditation center where we connect to the God of Light who is the TRUE source of energy. (John 8:12)

Deep Tissue Massage

 We Provide stress release from tension and chronic pain during a deep tissue massage and we walk deep into the body tissues

Swedish Massage

In Bioviva our Swedish massage is often used as part of treatment program for illness, injury, disease and relaxation. Swedish massage…

Students Wellness Program

Extreme levels of stress can hinder academic work effectiveness. So what will we do? Bioviva Spa will draw out a wellness program that will suit each pupil

Welcome to a destination where everything has been conceived with you in mind.