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Explore the Different Types of Waxing Services at Bioviva Holistic Spa

Eyebrow Waxing

Visit Holistic Bioviva Spa to get a lifted look by shaping and defining your brows with our expert removal of unwanted hair.

This adds to your beauty by making the eyebrow area smooth and clean.

Chin Waxing

Achieve a polished appearance by bidding farewell to excess hair on the chin, revealing a more refined look.

Chin waxing enhances your facial aesthetics and offers a smoother canvas for makeup application, ensuring a flawless finish.

Visit the best Holistic spa in Lagos for a professional touch on your chin.

Full Face Waxing

Experience a complete transformation as we whisk away hair from your eyebrows, upper lip, chin, cheeks, and jawline for an all-encompassing facial glow, revealing a hair-free and smooth face.

Bikini Waxing

Dive into confidence with a neater bikini line – perfect for a sleek look in swimsuits or underwear.

Rest assured, your privacy is our top priority at Bioviva Holistic Spa.

Brazilian Waxing

Seamless and thorough, our therapists excel in this extensive form of bikini waxing, leaving you completely hair-free in the most intimate areas.

Underarm Waxing

Enjoy smoother underarms and reduced perspiration, embracing a fresh and clean feel at Bioviva Holistic Spa.

Leg Waxing

Say goodbye to frequent shaving with long-lasting smoothness that adds radiance and sparkle to your legs.

Arm Waxing

Unveil silky-smooth arms as we remove unwanted hair, ensuring a long-lasting hair-free look. This adds to your overall polish appearance.

Back Waxing

Tailored for those seeking a cleaner and more groomed appearance, our back waxing procedure brings out the best in you.

Chest Waxing

Embrace smoothness as unwanted hair is gently removed from the chest, providing a polished and hair-free finish.

Full Body Waxing

Personalize your experience by choosing specific areas for hair removal, promising a fresher and revitalized version of yourself at Bioviva Holistic Spa.

Half Leg Wax

Pick either the upper or lower half of your leg for a waxing experience that suits your preference.

Hollywood Wax

Similar to Brazilian waxing, our Hollywood waxing removes all hair from the pubic region, including the buttocks and labia, ensuring a completely smooth and confident you.

Lip Waxing

Bid adieu to unwanted hair on the upper lip region with our gentle waxing technique.

French Wax

Revel in a stylish look as we remove most hair from the pubic region, leaving a small strip or triangle on the front.

Experience the artistry of French waxing at Bioviva Spa!

Personalized Full-Body Waxing for Your Unique Needs

At Bioviva Holistic Spa, you’ll enjoy a tailored full-body waxing experience that caters to your unique preferences, skin type, and sensitivities.

Bioviva Holistic Spa is your best pick if you are looking for a full-body waxing near me.

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Our waxing services aren’t only restricted to women. Men can also partake in our services.

Premier Waxing Services For Ladies

At Bioviva Spa, we handle female clients with care and professionalism. Waxing services for ladies go beyond the regular waxing service.

It encompasses a comprehensive hair removal experience extending beyond mere aesthetics, often to meet individual preferences and promote holistic well-being.

The unique touch in women’s waxing services in Bioviva Holistic Spa lies in the personalization and use of suitable waxing products.

In Need of Expert Bikini Waxing?

Think Bioviva Spa for a Flawless Experience

Bikini waxing is a hair removal method that involves waxing the bikini area (bikini line and sometimes the inner thighs or genital region) to remove unwanted hair for a smoother and hair-free bikini line.

This helps to give you a clean and groomed appearance when wearing swimsuits or intimate apparel.

Bikini waxing ranges from a simple clean-up along the bikini line to more extensive styles, such as the Brazilian wax, which removes most or all of the hair in the bikini area.

Seek Comfort in Bikini Waxing?

At Bioviva Spa, we understand that many people get uncomfortable during bikini waxing.

As such, we prioritize your privacy and sensitivity when carrying out bikini waxing services.

How Much is Waxing In Lagos?

Waxing in Lagos ranges from a few thousand naira to higher amounts and lasts 15 mins – 1 hr.

Visit Bioviva, the best Holistic Spa in Lagos, for a seamless and professional waxing experience.


Frequently Asked Questions

Find your answers below

How much is body waxing?

The cost of body waxing varies based on the specific waxed areas, the spa location, and the type of waxing (e.g., full body, partial).

Prices range from a few thousand naira or more, depending on the extent of the service.

How much does a Brazilian wax cost in Nigeria?

The cost of a Brazilian wax in Nigeria can vary depending on the location and salon.

On average, prices may range from NGN 6,000 to NGN 5,000.

What is the best wax for waxing private parts?

Hard wax is regarded as the best wax for waxing private parts.

Unlike soft wax, it doesn't require waxing strips for removal; you can simply take it off with your hands.

This makes the waxing experience less painful.

Experts recommend the use of hard wax for areas such as the bikini line, face, and underarms.

How long does waxing last you?

On average, you can expect smoothness to last for about 3 to 6 weeks, depending on how the area you waxed, your hair growth cycle, and waxing frequency.

Hair regrowth tends to become finer and sparser with regular waxing.

Does full-body wax include private parts?

Full body waxing typically includes all areas of the body, including the bikini region, legs, arms, stomach, underarms, face, back, and chest.

For ladies, full body wax usually commences with the more private regions such as bikini or Brazilian waxes, and extends to the arms, legs, back, and occasionally the face.

However, this can differ depending on the individual preference and needs and the spa policy.

How painful is waxing?

Waxing can cause some discomfort, as hair is being pulled from the roots.

The discomfort experienced during waxing is usually a brief, sharp, stinging sensation that occurs only for a few seconds during the hair removal procedure.

It might be longer shortly after the waxing concludes.

The professionalism of your aesthetician can also determine how long the pain will last.

The pain shouldn’t last for long if it is done properly.

At Bioviva Holistic Spa, we have good and well-trained aestheticians to give you the best.

What does a Brazilian wax look like?

A Brazilian wax involves the complete removal of hair from the labia, perineum, and anus—essentially, the entire undercarriage and behind.

A "landing strip," a rectangular shape is intentionally left on the mons pubis, the top of the pubic bone.

However, some clients prefer a triangular shape instead.

Is it better to shave or wax?

Waxing is better as it offers longer-lasting smoothness and results in finer regrowth over time, while shaving provides a quick but temporary solution.

Waxing also helps reduce the risk of ingrown hairs.

Also, waxing is suitable for sensitive skin, unlike shaving.

Can I wax my private hair?

Yes, it is common to wax private hair, including the bikini area, or a full Brazilian wax.

It's advised not to do it yourself at home instead seek professional services for this delicate area to ensure safety and effective hair removal.

Visit Bioviva Holistic Spa today for a clean waxing service.

Frequently Asked Questions
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