Hand and Foot Care

Leave your hands and feet feeling invigorated, refreshed, and glowing with our hand and foot care services.


Explore Bioviva’s Fantastic Hand and Foot Care Packages

Classic Manicure

(best for all hands types)

The Classic Manicure is a timeless and essential spa treatment designed to pamper and rejuvenate the hands, providing aesthetic and therapeutic benefits.

At Bioviva Holistic Spa, our classic manicure is a holistic procedure that helps care for common hand concerns such as calluses, rough skin, and nail irregularities to ensure your hands look and feel their best.

Classic Manicure is an investment in both the health and happiness of your hands and is one of the best ways to maintain healthy and aesthetically appealing hands.

French Manicure

(best for individuals enhancing their natural hand beauty)

For individuals wanting something simple and classic, you can opt for our French manicure.

At Bioviva Holistic Spa, we carefully mimic your nail’s natural beauty and colour by keeping the base nude or light pink with the nail tip painted white after a series of soft massages, where we use our exclusive products to keep your hands looking ever-fresh, smooth, and elegant.

Hot Oil Hand Therapy

(best for dry and overworked hands)

Hot Oil Hand Therapy is a luxurious Bioviva Holistic Spa treatment specially curated to remediate dry, overworked hands, providing essential hydration and promoting hand health.

Regular sessions of this special therapy help to maintain your hand’s elasticity, prevent premature aging, and enhance the appearance and comfort of the hands, making it an indispensable component of any comprehensive hand care regimen.

It is the best hand care to get incredibly soft, smooth, and rejuvenated hands.

Paraffin Hand Manicure For Arthritis and Hydration

(best for individuals with severely dry hands)

The Paraffin Hand Manicure for Arthritis and Hydration is a specialized treatment we offer at Bioviva Holistic Spa to address the unique needs of individuals with arthritis while providing deep hydration to the skin.

Our expert therapist carries out this process by first immersing your hands in warm paraffin wax, which increases blood flow, reduces stiffness, and alleviates joint pain associated with arthritis.

The wax seals moisture, promotes soft, supple skin, and relieves dryness and discomfort.

Sweet Cocoa Manicure for Softness and Skin Renewal

(best for dry and stressed hands)

Enriched with the nourishing properties of cocoa, this luxurious manicure treatment deeply hydrates and softens your hands, leaving them irresistibly smooth and supple.

Our skilled therapists carefully exfoliate away dry, dead skin cells, unveiling renewed vitality and radiance.

Lactic Hand Bath for Even Colour and Skin Resurfacing

(best for rough hands and uneven coloured hands)

Is the skin color of your hands different from other parts of your body? Are your hands bringing out fine lines?

The Lactic Hand Bath for Even Color and Skin Resurfacing at Bioviva Holistic Spa is here to brighten, restore, and relieve skin color and texture.

This treatment sloughs off dead skin cells, diminishes the appearance of dark spots, and clears off rough patches, revealing a more even skin tone and texture while promoting collagen production for youthful-looking hands.

Neuropathy Hand Therapy

(best for healthier hands)

Our Neuropathy Hand Therapy at Bioviva Spa provides a complete package for your hands’ inner health and external beauty.

This therapy helps to improve your hand’s nerve health and prevent the occurrence of neuropathy, which gives you a healthier hand.

Neuropathy is a medical condition that damages your feet and hands’ nerves and causes symptoms like tingling, numbness, and pain.

This therapy relieves and also prevents pains and numbness in your hands. You also get your hands well exfoliated and your nails properly manicured.

Classic Pedicure

Treat your tired feet with our Classic Pedicure at Bioviva Spa! Dip your feet in our soothing foot spa, where we’ll pamper you with cuticle grooming, nail filing, and gentle removal of any dry cell.

Next, you will undergo a detailed foot massage infused with pain-soothing mints. Complete your experience by choosing a polish of your liking. This delightful session ensures you leave with rejuvenated and beautiful feet.

Sweet-Choco Pedicure

Book for our Sweet-Choco Pedicure, a temptation for chocolate lovers! Soak your feet in a warm chocolate foot bath in our relaxing hot tub, followed by an invigorating chocolate leg and foot scrub to eliminate dry cells.

Luxuriate in a decadent cocoa foot and leg mask that locks in moisture, indulging your feet. This delightful chocolate experience ensures your feet are treated to the ultimate pampering session.

Neuropathy Foot Pedicure

Neuropathy is a medical condition that damages the nerves of your feet or hands, resulting in symptoms like pain, numbness, and tingling.

Neuropathy gives you that feeling as if you are walking on pins and needles.
At Bioviva Holistic Spa, we offer a unique neuropathy foot pedicure that significantly prevents and reduces these symptoms.

This pedicure aims to give you relief from any form of discomfort and improve your foot health if you have neuropathy. Additionally, your feet get well exfoliated and your nails properly pedicured.

Paraffin Foot Treatment

Give your tired feet the care they deserve with our Paraffin Foot Treatment! Experience the ultimate pampering as your feet are enveloped in warm paraffin, leaving them soft, smooth, and moisturized.

This treatment is excellent for those with dry feet or anyone seeking relief from arthritis pain. Treat your feet to this soothing session and leave feeling rejuvenated.

Visit Bioviva's Scintillating Hand and Foot Garden for a Phenomenal Experience

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Hand and Foot Garden

Hand and foot care refers to maintaining the health, hygiene, and aesthetic appearance of the hands and feet. It involves a combination of regular grooming and treatments.

What makes our hand and foot care procedures unique and outstanding in Bioviva Spa is the holistic and indulgent experience it offers.

Our treatments are not ordinary but are targeted toward foot rejuvenation and pain management.

Regular Spa Visits Keep Your Feet Healthy...

Early foot arthritis and athletes’ feet are combated and prevented by visiting our spa regularly for hand and foot care procedures.

We make use of therapeutic ointments and pain management techniques to heal you of foot pains.

Hand and Foot Care Products at Bioviva Spa

At Bioviva Spa, several hand and foot care products are available to promote optimal hand and foot health and moisture.

For hands, we have fantastic hand cream with ingredients like shea butter, glycerin, vitamin E, and other essential vitamins to help nourish and hydrate your hands and feet.

Foot care products include moisturizing foot creams or balms enriched with essential ingredients are available. Also, we have Bioviva exclusive toenail care, cuticle oils, and specialized nail treatments.


Frequently Asked Questions

Find your answers below

What is hand and foot care?

Hand and foot care refers to the practices and routines used to maintain the hands and feet health, hygiene, and appearance.

This includes regular cleaning, moisturizing, nail care, and other activities aimed at preserving the well-being of these little heroes.

What is the daily routine for hands and feet?

A daily routine for hands and feet typically involves washing with mild soap, moisturizing to prevent dryness, trimming nails, and applying sunscreen on hands.

For feet, the routine may include soaking, exfoliating, moisturizing, and wearing comfortable footwear.

How do you keep your hands and feet healthy?

Keeping hands and feet healthy involves regular cleaning, moisturizing, protecting from the sun, trimming nails, and wearing comfortable footwear.

It also includes incorporating exercises for strength and flexibility and seeking medical attention for specific issues.

What are the hygiene tips for the care of hands and feet?

Hygiene tips for hands and feet care include washing regularly, keeping nails clean, using moisturizers, wearing breathable socks, choosing proper footwear, and avoiding prolonged exposure to damp or dirty conditions.

What are the types of foot care?

The types of foot care procedures at Bioviva include Classic Pedicure, Sweet-Choco Pedicure, Aromatherapy Pedicure, and Paraffin Foot Treatment.

What are examples of foot care?

Examples of foot care procedures you can carry out at home include daily washing, regular moisturizing, toenail trimming, wearing appropriate footwear, using foot scrubs, and seeking professional pedicures or podiatric care when needed.

What are the 5 uses of hands?

The five uses of hands include grasping and holding objects, manipulating tools, performing intricate tasks, expressing emotions through gestures, and engaging in tactile activities such as touch and exploration.

What is a foot care routine?

A foot care routine involves regular activities to maintain foot health, including washing, exfoliating, moisturizing, toenail trimming, and wearing comfortable shoes.

It may also include specific treatments for common foot issues.

Why are hands and feet important?

Hands and feet are essential for daily functioning. They facilitate movement, enable us to interact with the environment, perform various tasks, and contribute to our well-being.

Proper care is crucial for maintaining their health and functionality.

Is vaseline good for hands and feet?

Yes, Vaseline can be beneficial for hands and feet.

It acts as a protective barrier, locking in moisture and preventing dryness.

Applying Vaseline on your hands and feet before bedtime and covering them with cotton gloves or socks can help keep your hands and feet soft and hydrated.

What are five things you can do to keep your feet healthy?

Five things to keep your feet healthy include washing them daily, wearing comfortable and breathable shoes, moisturizing regularly, trimming toenails carefully, and inspecting your feet for any signs of issues like cuts or infections.

Frequently Asked Questions
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