Holistic Facial

Seeking Natural Ways to Revitalize and Enhance Your Facial Glow — Explore Bioviva’s Holistic Facial Treatments.


Explore the Various Types of Holistic Facial Treatments at Bioviva

Bio-Natural Lift

Best for Treating Mild Acne and Oily Skin

Indulge in the exclusive “Best Holistic Spa in Lagos” experience with our signature facial designed for oily skin and mild acne, available solely at Bioviva Spa.

Don’t let mild acne mar your facial glow, and don’t let oily skin trouble you.

Embrace our herbal facial treatment, where botanical ingredients work harmoniously to balance oil levels and let your pores revel in newfound freedom.

By balancing your oil levels, your skin becomes healthier and radiant with even tone.

To wrap up this indulgent treat, our exclusive handmade antibacterial powder provides enduring protection, ensuring you feel wonderfully clean and refreshed throughout the day.

For ongoing skin protection, we recommend our customized skincare set, meticulously crafted to cater to your unique skin needs.

Elevate your skincare routine with Bioviva Spa’s holistic approach, where the bliss of natural ingredients meets the promise of enduring beauty.

Your skin deserves the best, and we’re here to make every moment of self-care a delightful experience.

Bio-Natural Lift

Best For Treating Acute Pimples, Aftershave Rash, Bumps, Eczema and Skin Allergies

Don’t let those pesky pimples mar the beauty of your lovely face and make you sad.

Immerse in the ultimate solution for inflammation and cystic acne at the Best Holistic Spa in Lagos!

Our exclusive herbal therapy is carefully crafted to bid farewell to acne, eczema, bumps, aftershave rash, and skin allergies.

Our signature herbal mask excels at drawing out toxins from your pores, promoting healing, and drying up blemishes which clears your skin of allergies.

Extend the healing magic to your daily routine with our Anti Pimples Kit, thoughtfully customized for you.

This kit includes a refreshing mask, antibacterial powder, herbal cleansing face wash, and a powerful pimple ointment.

By judiciously applying the products in this kit, your acne problems, including acute pimples become history.

To enhance the overall wellness journey, we recommend our 9-day detox program to help eliminate toxins from your system.

Embrace the holistic approach and let Bioviva Spa be your partner in achieving lasting beauty and wellness.

Bio Radiance

Best for Treating Sunburn and Ensuring Smooth and Radiant Skin

Do you have an acute sunburn that has been giving you worries and you want soft, smooth, bright, and youthful radiant skin?

Embark on a luxurious skincare journey at the Best Holistic Spa in Lagos, where our facial therapy boasts a blend of Multifruit acids and botanical wonders.

Kickstart the rejuvenation process with our Vital-C – Aloe gel mask, expertly crafted to bring back your skin’s luminosity.

These continue with a delightful organic citrus and rosehip oil facial massage, where our skilled hands work their magic to maintain skin elasticity, alleviate sunburns, and restore your skin complexion, leaving it smooth, clear, and bright.

Surrender to the experience and step into your next party with flawless confidence as your foundation effortlessly sets on your revitalized skin.

Elevate your daily skincare routine with the perfect fusion of natural indulgence and lasting beauty at Bioviva Spa.

Your path to radiant, healthy skin begins here.

Super Foods Facial

Best For Treating Sun-Damaged, Flabby, And Bleached Skin

Embark on a rejuvenating journey at Bioviva Spa with our revitalizing treatment that begins by treating you to a superfood juice cocktail designed to energize and refresh.

Packed with natural vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B-12, vitamin E, and vitamin B3—essential for skin health—this treatment powerfully tackles flabby, sun-damaged, and bleached skin.

A potent blend of vitamins C, A, B-12, E, and B3 synergistically combat flabby, sun-burned, and bleached skin, restoring resilience, soothing damage, and promoting a revitalized complexion.

Also, it eliminates metabolic waste products and strengthens skin cells. It is suitable for all skin types.

Lavender Face Spa

Best for Revitalizing Stressed Faces and Shoulders

If your face looks dull and tired, and you want to revitalize it to get a bright and healthy look, book our Lavender Face Spa—a special and customized treatment crafted exclusively for stressed faces and shoulders.

This procedure gives you 45 minutes of pure heaven on earth, dedicated to relaxation and energy balancing.

This revitalizing treatment is carried out in a private room infused with energy light and healing scents, accompanied by a complimentary hydrotherapy foot massage.

Your face comes out looking bright and radiant after this procedure.

Let the Lavender Face Spa be your oasis of relaxation, restoring your body and mind to blissful harmony.

Visit the Bioviva Spa, the best holistic spa in Lagos, today.

Bio-Clear Facial

Best For Smooth and Blemish-Free Skin

Experience the exclusive Bioviva Spa magic with our specially formulated treatment, crafted from natural and organic ingredients.

This unique blend is designed to balance oil production without exposing your skin to harsh synthetics.

Our treatment prevents breakouts effectively, while preserving your skin’s valuable hydration—because we believe that stripping your skin of moisture can exacerbate skin issues.

Perfect for oily, blemish-prone, shiny, and sensitive skin, this treatment caters to all your skincare needs.

You are guaranteed healthy, clean, clear, and radiant skin after each session.

To maintain that glowing result, we recommend exploring our Bio-clear series available at the counter for your aftercare home use.

Detox Facial

Best For Skin Pores Cleansing and Toxin Removal

Whether you’re a first-time spa-goer or haven’t visited in a while, treat yourself to a revitalizing experience at the “Best Holistic Spa in Lagos.”

Our detox therapy is the perfect way to eliminate toxins and debris that may impede the efficacy of your skincare routine.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting blend of sesame, neem, and Djanssan oil—a unique Cameroon fusion enriched with onions from Cameroon, West Africa.

These potent antioxidants are carefully infused into volcanic clay, ensuring a thorough cleansing that allows your pores to breathe free.

Wrap up this rejuvenating treatment with a cup of detox tea, achieving the ideal balance of relaxation and revitalization.

Prioritize your skin’s health and well-being at Bioviva Spa, where our distinctive detox therapy promises a refreshing and invigorating spa experience with a holistic touch.

Energizing Facial For Men

Best For Men to Combat Stressed and Fatigued Facials

At the Best Holistic Spa, we celebrate the hardworking men of Bioviva with an exclusive treatment designed just for them.

Our experience begins with a gentle yet invigorating acupressure face and scalp massage infused with the revitalizing scents of ginger and grapefruit essential oil.

This treatment not only enhances alertness, focus, and emotional well-being but effectively combats fatigue while promoting improved breathing.

Revel in the results as your skin becomes hydrated and noticeably softer after this rejuvenating session.

To further boost energy levels, we complement the massage with reflex point foot manipulation, enveloped in the refreshing fragrances of mint and lavender.

Treat yourself to a spa experience uniquely tailored to enhance the well-being of our esteemed men at Bioviva Spa.

For an extra touch of indulgence, consider complementing this therapy with our sensational-scent pedicure, ensuring a complete and luxurious spa experience designed specifically with you in mind.

Under Jaw Treatment (Bumps)

Best For Treating Ingrown Hair, Under-Jaw Bumps, and After-Shave Rash

This treatment is specifically for those with ingrown hair, under-jaw bumps, and after-shave rash.

This procedure is customized to help you achieve clearer and softer skin. It involves targeted treatment to areas with ingrown hair, after-shave rash, and bumps to clear them off.

Personalized Holistic Facial Treatments

What sets our holistic facial treatments apart is their personalized nature.

This customization involves a carefully curated combination of plant-based products and ingredients, selected based on your skin type and the specific issue you seek to address.

Not Sure What to Expect During a Holistic Facial Treatment Procedure?

Here is a general overview of what you can expect:

Step 1

Your holistic facial experience typically begins with a consultation.

The esthetician will discuss your skin concerns, preferences, and any specific issues you'd like to address.

This step ensures that the treatment is tailored to your individual needs.

Step 2

Based on the consultation, the esthetician will customize the holistic facial treatments to address your unique skin type and concerns.

This entails selecting specific plant-based products, essential oils, and massage techniques.

Step 3
Cleansing and Preparation

Once your treatments have been customized. Preparation for your procedure begins.

It starts with a gentle cleansing of the skin to remove impurities and makeup.

Step 4
Massage Techniques

Holistic facials are characterized by various massage techniques, which include lymphatic drainage, acupressure, and facial massage.

These techniques help to relax and stimulate blood circulation.

Step 5

Many holistic facial treatments incorporate aromatherapy using essential oils.

The chosen scents can have therapeutic effects, promoting relaxation, reducing stress, and enhancing the overall spa experience.

Step 6
Application of Natural Products

At this stage, plant-based and natural skincare products are applied to nourish and rejuvenate the skin.

These products are carefully selected to align with your skin type and concerns.

Step 7
Treatment for Specific Issues

If you have specific skin issues such as acne, dryness, or inflammation, the holistic facial will include targeted treatments to address these concerns.

This could involve the use of specific masks, serums, or other specialized products.

Step 8
Post-Treatment Guidance

If you have specific skin issues such as acne, dryness, or inflammation, the holistic facial will include targeted treatments to address these concerns.

This could involve the use of specific masks, serums, or other specialized products.

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The specific details of what you should expect differ and are unique to each individual and their skin needs.

Holistic Facial Treatment for Ageless Beauty and Flawless Skin

Holistic facial treatment addresses a wide range of skin conditions, such as:

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Your aesthetician at Bioviva will guide you in selecting the most effective facial treatment for lasting results.

Experience Bioviva's Holistic Facials for Men

Holistic facial treatments are not exclusive to the ladies. Bioviva offers an Energizing Facial specifically designed for men.

This treatment features an invigorating acupressure face and scalp massage with the scents of ginger and grapefruit essential oil.

This treatment embodies the uniqueness of men and enhances alertness, combats fatigue, and promotes softer, hydrated skin.

We Offer the Best Prices for Holistic Facial Radiance

The cost of a holistic facial varies depending on the procedures and locations. It is pretty affordable, and the results you will get from them are amazing.

Best Facial Treatment at Home to Use

It is highly necessary to get the aftercare home kits for your facials at home.

At Bioviva, we recommend aftercare home kits, such as the Anti-Pimples Kit or Bio-clear series, to maintain the benefits of the facial at home.

These kits are thoughtfully customized to individual needs for lasting results.

The Benefits

Result-Driven Holistic Facial Treatments

Go beyond traditional skincare with our holistic facial treatments, enhancing your wellness rituals for overall well-being.


Frequently Asked Questions

Find your answers below

Which facial treatment is the best?

The best facial treatment depends on your specific skin needs and concerns. No one procedure is effective for all skin issues.

Bioviva offers a range of holistic facial treatments, including the Bio-Natural Lift, Lavender Face Spa, Bio Radiance, Super Foods Facial, and more.

Consult with our aestheticians to determine the ideal treatment based on your unique skin requirements.

What is a facial treatment?

A facial treatment is a cosmetic procedure that involves various skincare techniques to improve the health and appearance of the skin on the face.

It encompasses massage techniques, aromatherapy, and the use of natural skin care products, promoting overall well-being alongside surface-level improvements.

What is the best treatment for skin on face?

The best treatment for the skin on the face varies based on your needs.

Bioviva's holistic facial treatments are tailored to address specific concerns like oily skin, acne, stress, or dullness.

Your specific skin issue on the face will determine the best treatment that will be chosen for you.

How long does facial treatment last?

The duration of a facial treatment depends on the specific procedure.

Bioviva's holistic facial treatments typically range from 45 minutes to 1hour 20 minutes, ensuring a thorough and rejuvenating experience.

Each procedure has its designated time duration.

Do holistic facial treatments pose side effects?

Holistic facial treatments are very relaxing and gentle.

Potential side effects include temporary redness, irritation, or allergic reactions to specific ingredients used in the treatment products.

At Bioviva, we ask questions about your skin to understand your skin type and possible allergies.

This helps us choose suitable products to greatly minimize any occurrence of side effects.

What is the best treatment for skin on face at home?

For an effective at-home facial treatment, Bioviva recommends exploring our aftercare home kits, such as the Bio-clear series.

These kits are meticulously crafted to complement your holistic approach, providing balanced oil production, preventing breakouts, and ensuring the skin remains hydrated and radiant.

How can I get the best facial treatment near me?

To find the best facial treatment near you, consider visiting Bioviva, the best holistic spa in Lagos.

Our skilled aestheticians offer a range of holistic facial treatments tailored to your needs, ensuring a transformative and rejuvenating experience.

Explore the bliss of natural ingredients and enduring beauty at Bioviva Spa.

Frequently Asked Questions
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