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We are the best Spa Company in Lagos

There is something I want to show you real quick, It is the best spa in Lagos Nigeria.

Now, I know you might have tried other spas in Lagos but did not get what you want.

You are just one step away from getting an amazing time to talk with friends and family about Bioviva Spa in Lagos

First, it is about you…

What do I  mean by about you? It means beauty starts with you. 

We put you first before anything and everything else. 

We know how to treat you with our work as beauty and wellness for the last 6 years. 

With all that we know about our customers, we cover you. 

Our team of professionals is ready to help you get that dream treatment you have been wanting. 

You can’t just be hoping into us without knowing us better right? 

Let’s get to answer some of your questions.


Who are we as Bioviva Spa in Lagos? 

spa in gra

Bioviva Spa is a spa center in Lagos that specializes in helping people live a healthy, natural and most beautiful life that they want. 

Bioviva Spa is a resort where you can enjoy loads of benefits as a visitor or customer.

Ranging from entertainment and recreational activities, we let you have the best treatment that you deserve. 

Our team of certified and creative staff members knows how to treat you well making you feel at home. 


What Type Of Treatments Do You Do? 

Our treatments vary, below I have listed and talked about each of their benefits added links for easy navigation to the respective page on our website. 

You can also use the menu option to go through our website to see what we offer.


Classic Pedicure and Manicure

See ehn, you have been to other places, oh, but today, I want to show you something different. 

Our classic Pedicure session lets you have your feet soaked in a relaxing foot spa, get your cuticles trimmed and filed. 

Hmm, that’s not all, if you came with dry skin around those feet ehn, they get removed and treated with our mint soothing treatment (Natural treatment

Do you think that’s all?  After all the better packages, you will get to choose a Polish of your choice and we make it look great. 

We do it because we want you to have a natural look and best treatments after visiting bioviva spa services in Lagos. 


Massage Therapy 

Our body needs to be taken care of and massaging is one great way to put the body shape. you see this area, why must you not try it? 

Before I tell you what I know, here is what one of our customers has to say about our massage therapy. 

“I had facials, bath, and massage at Bioviva Spa. Their procedures are well thought out and thorough. I enjoyed myself.”

– Kaffy (Dancer)

You must imagine what Kaffy the almighty dancer enjoyed in the massage room. Comfort, relaxation, and gbo gbo to gbo gbo that is value. 

Do you ask if we offer Swedish massage therapy? (Na just de beginning be that) Let me shock you with our list. 

Don’t get freaked out oh, we cover the followings at Bioviva Spa in Lagos. 

  • Hot Stone massage
  • Swedish massage 
  • Relaxation massage 
  • Four Harm massage 
  • Couples Massage (You and your Sweetheart
  • Integrated massage 
  • Deep tissue massage 
  • Myofascial Massage 

See, think of any kind of massage, our Bioviva Spa in Lagos offers you top-notch. 

See the full list of our massage therapy.


Body Therapy 

Your body needs to be in a normal but excellent shape. Bioviva gets you, two therapists, just you in the Bioviva Purity Ritual (not the ritual you know oh) This type is rare. 

Before you think otherwise, It’s the combination of Asian, Roman and African bath styles in one bath. 

See more of these spa services here. Available at your request with a price. 



Waxing here waxing there, come and experience the best waxing with Bioviva Spa in Lagos. 

Once tried, never forgotten.

We make sure you get the best waxing experience. 


How Does Bioviva Spa Looks Like (Inside and Out)? 

Hmm, you must wonder what the surroundings or the therapy area look. 

They are all accident-proof in case you are coming with your kids to stay during the cause of serving you. 

Below are the images of how Bioviva looks like just to make sure we answer your question.

Interior Decore of Bioviva

Inside Decor For Bioviva

massage spa in ikeja

Interior Of Bioviva Spa


Is Bioviva Spa Easy to Locate In Lagos? 

Why not? in fact, you can use your smartphone to get directions to our place in gra Lagos. 

Just button below and click on get directions. 

Your smartphone should show you clear direction and address. 

Get Direction To Bioviva Spa In Lagos

If you are using Taxify, Uber, or Oride, kindly tell them to take you to the address below. 


How Do I Get To Bioviva Spa in Lagos? 

Getting to Bioviva is easy if you are traveling from a far distance to Lagos. 

Boarding a flight is the best option as it takes just a few minutes to arrive. 

You can then get directions using the reference made above. 

… and chop chop, you are at Bioviva Spa in Lagos. 

We look to extend our arms to other states in Nigeria. 


What Do People say About Bioviva Spa in Lagos? 

Oh, well, let’s not praise yourself much, see what past and present customers have to say about our spa services in Lagos. 

This first one is kinda story testimonial. That is to tell how efficient our treatments can be.

My skin has transformed from “baby what are you doing???” to where it currently is. I have always struggled with acne. I have very sensitive acne prone type of skin. I struggled with this for some time and it was frustrating especially when I want my face makeup to appear flawless and it’s almost near impossible with bumps on my face.


There is no product I didn’t buy. There is nothing I didn’t do. I spent a huge sum of money and nothing seemed to work. Then my Aunt recommended a place called Bioviva Spa. I was skeptical but had to give it a try.


I met with the boss, Carolyn. She really knows her stuff. She took me through the consultation to try to find out why I had the problem. I also did a medical test to find out my mineral deficiency and I was placed on a 9-day detox/diet plan. Then I had a facials session and bought some products for aftercare. My skin now looks a million times better, thanks to Bioviva Spa. That was how Bioviva Spa saved my life (aka my skin).

– Orinayo Ayodele


I am a European and a pilot. So, I have had a pedicure and manicure in several countries. But the one I had at Bioviva Spa was the best treatment I ever got!!!

– Captain Bernie


I did facials and enjoyed the way I was served. I like your politeness, hospitality, and professionalism. You are simply the best.

– Mrs. Ajiboye Bunmi


The environment is so conducive and relaxing.

– Tajudeen

Can It Be Your Turn to Testify Too?

OrinAyo, loved the acne treatment program, Captain Bernie, a europian pilot got the best manicure and pedicure from Bioviva Spa in Lagos. 

Kaffy the popular dancer couldn’t hold back but positives of our excellent treatment. Tajudeen Admired the environment didn’t stop until he created his own testimonials too.

You are next to say your story like the others, we would love to put a smile on your face.

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Can I Learn How To Do It myself? 

We have a program you can enroll such as yoga and face therapy course. you can enroll in the membership area 

As time goes on, we will expand those courses.


Do I get royalty as a customer?

Yes, we make sure you go home as the king and queen you seek to be before allowing us to transform you. 


Should you Trust Our Spa In Lagos Is Best? 

If Kaffy could be at Bioviva Spa in Lagos and testified of our classic Pedicure with massage therapy what else could be the problem. 

Be your own testimony today, try Bioviva Spa, and you will never regret it.

Your first and last choice is what we can turn after we lay out magical hands on you. 

That being said, you are still close to experiencing the best spa session yet, just make an appointment with us and we will make you happy plus wowed.

Your beauty and Wellness is your heritage.

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