MOMMY AND ME : Moms bring your little girls for a special treat, she will feel like a big girl… Both mommy and your girl enjoy 30 minutes French petite facials. Mommy can enjoy aromatherapy manicure and your little girl can enjoy a classic manicure, followed by an aromatherapy pedicure and classic pedicure side by side (making memories never to be forgotten).

PRETTY PRINCESS PACKAGE : She wants to feel like a princess, this is ideal for your little one.. Enjoy a princess manicure, princess pedicure, and princess hair (curls or crochet braids). and you won’t be able to get the smile off her face (age limit 10 and under)

TEEN SPIRIT PACKAGE : Enjoy a teen facial,pedi,full body massage,makeup consultation, shampoo and style. Is your teen getting acne? Are they unsure how to wear makeup? Your teen will leave with the knowledge of what to do to help prevent acne breakouts and a much better understanding of how to apply the makeup, followed by some quick and easy hairstyling tips with complimentary lunch and fruit cocktail.

THE GIRLFRIEND PACKAGE : What a fun way to spend time with a good friend (your BFF)… Enjoy 2 spa manicures (or gel polish) 2 shampoo and styles.

NIGHT OUT ON THE TOWN : Shampoo and style with makeup for the night.

THE PREMIER : A day of total relaxation, it’s the perfect gift for you or someone very special in your life. Start with a Swedish massage, followed by a Nourishing Clay Body Treatment then onto a relaxing Spa Facial followed by lunch. . If that isn’t relaxing enough you then enjoy a moisturizing Spa Manicure, our signature Spa Pedicure, shampoo, and blow dry. You will feel like you went on vacation! Almost 6 hours

THE GREAT ESCAPE : Treat yourself or someone special to a great day of pleasure. Begin with a Swedish massage then a Custom Body Treatment. Enjoy lunch followed by a Spa Manicure, and our Sweet Escape Pedicure, and a Customized Conditioning hair treatment. Approx. 5 hours 30 minutes

PERSONAL PARADISE : For the person who wants to see and feel results immediately. Exfoliate the dry skin from the entire body with a soothing Seaweed Body Wrap, spa shower, clinical facial (customized to your skin type), lunch, shampoo, and blow dry. 4 hours 30 minutes

CREATE YOUR OWN SPA PACKAGE : Choose three or more services and receive 5% off each service you choose. Great for wedding packages and a great option for men. Add Ons excluded.



Please try to be here 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment so you can start your relaxing spa experience.
Kindly notify us 48 hours ahead if you are cancelling your appointment.
We work only by appointments on Sundays, to book your space a deposit is required.

Please maintain a high level of silence in order to enhance yours and others’ relaxation experience. Mobile phones should be put on silence and no phone calls in the treatment rooms, also 3rd party is not allowed in the treatment room.

We love children as much as you do, but for the atmosphere of relaxation to exist, children are not allowed in the spa. In the hair salon you must be responsible for your children’s behaviour. Loud, crying or running children (no matter how adorable) tend to disturb other clients.

We recommend NOT shaving the day of any treatments using Spirulina, seaweed, clay, salt, or herbs and peels. If you are using Retin A or similar products such as glycolic acids or AHAs, please inform your aesthetician. You should not have hair removal service until you have been off these products for 72 hours.
Your therapist or aesthetician will want some information about your medical history, allergies, stress level, skin type, and areas of discomfort (so please arrive 15 minutes early).

Draping for your treatments… You will be given privacy to disrobe to your level of comfort. Cover up with a sheet, blanket, or robe provided . During the treatment your therapist or aesthetician will undrape only the parts of the body that are being worked on. Your modesty will be respected at all times.

One of the primary benefits of Spa treatments is relaxation. Feel free to ask your technician any questions that will make your treatment more relaxing.

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