Bio-romantic get-away: PRICE FOR 2 PERSONS

The spa experience for lovebirds! Delight the senses with this romantic experience using the finest essential oils to rebalance and promote harmony and beauty. Includes treats and wine.

The highlight of this treatment is spending time together as a couple.

Option 1: COUPLES PARADISE (3hours:30mins)

  • 20 minutes of romantic salt steam whirlpool
  • Sweet choco pedicure
  • Cucumber sugar glow bath
  • relaxation massage
  • Wine and refreshments

Option 2: COUPLES RE-AWAKENING (4hours)

  • Classic pedicure
  • Bio- Radiance facial
  • Steam/sauna
  • Relaxation massage under the Vichy
  • stimulation shower
  • A full meal, a bowl of fresh fruits and wine.

Option 3: CLASSIC COUPLE (5hr:30mins)

  • 30 minutes mineralised whirl pool session
  • Hammam
  • facials
  • paraffin pedicure and manicure
  • Swedish massage
  • Chinese Lunch and wine
  • All in our exclusive VIP room


Keep the romance in your life with this package… Enjoy a Spa facial for her,  a one hour integrated massage for him. Then hair or makeup for her as well as a fresh haircut for him. Then continue the romance with a special dinner.

Surrender yourself to our expert therapists as they take you through this journey of relaxation.



  • 30minutes mineralized whirl pool and steam session
  • mud wrap/bath session
  • facials
  • sweet –coco pedicure and manicure
  • Swedish massage
  • Lunch + smoothie or fresh fruit juice


  • Back, neck, shoulder, and leg massage             60minutes
  • French petite facials              30minutes



Please try to be here 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment so you can start your relaxing spa experience.
Kindly notify us 48 hours ahead if you are canceling your appointment.
We work only by appointments on Sundays, to book your space a deposit is required.

Please maintain a high level of silence in order to enhance yours and others’ relaxation experience. Mobile phones should be put on silence and no phone calls in the treatment rooms, also 3rd party is not allowed in the treatment room.

We love children as much as you do, but for the atmosphere of relaxation to exist, children are not allowed in the spa. In the hair salon, you must be responsible for your children’s behavior. Loud, crying or running children (no matter how adorable) tend to disturb other clients.

We recommend NOT shaving the day of any treatments using Spirulina, seaweed, clay, salt, or herbs and peels. If you are using Retin A or similar products such as glycolic acids or AHAs, please inform your aesthetician. You should not have hair removal service until you have been off these products for 72 hours.
Your therapist or aesthetician will want some information about your medical history, allergies, stress level, skin type, and areas of discomfort (so please arrive 15 minutes early).

Draping for your treatments… You will be given privacy to disrobe to your level of comfort. Cover up with a sheet, blanket, or robe provided. During the treatment, your therapist or aesthetician will undrape only the parts of the body that are being worked on. Your modesty will be respected at all times.

One of the primary benefits of Spa treatments is relaxation. Feel free to ask your technician any questions that will make your treatment more relaxing.

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