Remedies for Hair Breakage and Shedding

Want to know how to fix hair breakage? Find remedies for hair breakage and shedding here

If your hair is suffering from breakage, the chances are you’re not treating it right.
Many of us neglect our hair while putting it through its paces on a regular basis – blow-drying it, straightening or styling it with heated tools and exposing it to the elements. Our hair can put up with quite a lot, but you need to give back if you want to avoid breakage.

Breakage is a sure sign that your hair is unhealthy, lacking in moisture and generally craving nutrients and a protein boost. The best way to give it all this in one treatment is by booking yourself in for a Bioviva Ultimate Moisture Treatment with results that last, The Ultimate Treatment will deliver everything your hair needs to keep it looking and feeling in peak health.
Once you’ve given your hair this much-needed treat, it’s time to start looking after it on a weekly basis to ensure breakage remains a problem of the past.


– Take care when heat styling. Whether you use heated tools occasionally or every day, you should always use some form or protection on your hair. At Bioviva we use KeraCare Heat Protection which is perfect for protecting your hair from heated tools and its lightweight formula won’t weigh your hair down. To seal those split ends, which can be the early stages breakage. This treatment and blow-drying crème in one repairs, hydrates and locks the goodness into your hair for lasting results.
– Be careful when drying. While blow-drying is often blamed for breakage, vigorously towel drying your hair can also cause problems, including matting, tangling and even breakage. Far better to create a towel turban and let hair dry naturally for a while and then blow dry – and don’t forget the heat protection.
– Visit us for regular trims. If you do develop split ends, the best remedy is a professional trim. If left, those split ends can turn into broken ends.
– We use premium quality moisturising shampoo and conditioner. They are probably the most used products of all, but often the one people don’t invest in. Choose a shampoo and conditioner that will feed your hair with moisture and other nutrients – not one that will coat it in potentially harmful chemicals for a fake ‘healthy’ shine. We use KeraCare Hydrating Shampoo and Humecto Conditioner. This duo is designed to revitalise dry, coarse and damaged hair by locking in moisture, leaving hair shiny, frizz free and less prone to breakage.
– Book in for regular treatments. To ensure your hair remains in fabulous condition, you should make in-salon treatments a regular part of your haircare routine. Speak to us about the options available.

So, is it time you gave your hair a break and started giving it the love it deserves?
Book your Ultimate Treatment today.

Senior Stylist

Jeffrey Momoh
Bioviva Holistic Spa

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