Natural Hair Treatment

Dry And Itchy Treatment

This treatment relievs itchy scalp, eliminate flakiness and contain moisture that help protect the scalp and help against damages.

Ultimate Hair Repair

We help you rebuild, Fortify, strengthen hair and moisturize the scalp while stimulating the cortex. this also can be place under a treatment plan.

Natural Hair And Hair Loss Treatment

This treatment hydrates, moisturizes and strengthens weak hair, Repairs pre-existing hair damage, enhance strength and healthy growth for new hair. 

This therapy is for a period of three months.

Keratin Treatment

It strengthen the shaft and makes hair more resilient. the hair becomes softer and more silky, just a treatment give a wow transformation.

Ultimate Moisture

Prevent breakage and moisture loss due to exposure of chemical and excess exposure to heat. treatment plan is also available

Chemical Hair Relaxer

Chemical hair relaxers can damage hair and cause hair loss if not properly administered with the right product. In Bioviva what we offer is a hair repair system where everything we use on our clients is mainly a professional specialized salon set to give a healthy silky well-treated hair.