Wellness Encyclopedia: All About Collagen.

Collagen is our consummate cosmetic surgical treatments and is the most ample protein in our body. It helps  in structuring our hair, skin, nails, bones, ligaments and tendons in our body. With collagen, we’re better athletics and flexible. Collagen provides the primary nutrient/protein required to move, bend and stretch. It provides healthy nails, strong and healthy hair and causes skin to glow

Impact of Collagen

As we grow older given by our daily routine which involve stress,  the higher collagen feel the impact and in producing more in our body. The inclusion of collagen in our daily balance diet can not be over emphasised as it helps the body rejuvenate what has been lost or broken down.

some of the constituents of collagen are amino-acids (collectively aid the muscular growth, joint health and an overall glowing appearance) : glycine, proline and hydroxyproline. These combination of protein aid our body’s connective tissue, skin, hair and nails

Collagen Enhances Skin Glow

Collagen is an essential building artefact for the skin. It contains about 70% of protein  in our skin as it helps the skin remain toned and over 28% of protein in our body

The curium, which provides the foundation for the skin, is closely involved in the skin’s elasticity and flexibility, its undeniable that the main source of collagen is present in the skin. Therefore, acquiring satisfactory amount of collagen can enhance our skin in meeting the basic healthy skin needs such as “skin glow that makes you look much younger and beautiful”

Collagen in Our Body

Ligaments and tendons are example of conjunctive tissue that connect/link two bones and muscles, keeping them together. These tissues and the skeletal muscles are made up of proteins called collagen

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