Hand and Foot Care

Hand Care

Spa Manicure

Soak in exotic oils to soften cuticles and have your nails filed and buffed to a high shine. The arms and hands are then scrubbed with a soothing sugar or sea salt scrub. A subtle hand massage is given with the Bioviva hand therapy cream for softness. Finish with a French polish or a polish of your choice

Duration: 45Minutes

N 4,500

Sweet- Coco Escape

This manicure would include a chocolate hand soak, followed by cuticle maintenance, and a coco hand scrub to eliminate dry skin. You will then enjoy a relaxing hand and arm massage finished with the polish of your choice.

Duration: 55 mins

N 6,500

Paraffin Hand Treatment

Your hands will be pampered with warm paraffin with heated mitts. Your skin will feel soft, smooth, and just wonderful. Excellent for anyone experiencing dry skin or the pain of arthritis.

Duration: 50 minutes

N 8,500

Gel Polish Manicures

This manicure is a dry (no soaking) manicure. The hands are sanitized. Nails are then buffed, filed and shaped; cuticles are pushed back and then polished. The polish is dry immediately.

Duration: 45mins

N 5000

Chemical Peel Manicure

For those with dark knuckles and uneven skin tone, depending on the weight of the hyperpigmentation you can be placed on sessions of treatment for few weeks. Home care products are also recommended for continuity. This is applicable to both hands and feet.

Duration: 50 minutes

Foot Care

Classic Pedicure

Soak tired feet in our relaxing foot spa, have your cuticles groomed, nails filed, and any dry skin is gently removed and enjoy a detailed foot massage enriched with pain soothing mints. Finish with a polish of your choice.

Duration: 50 minutes

N 7,500 Female

N 9,500 Male

Sweet- Choco Pedicure

Give into your temptation for chocolate and indulge yourself in our invigorating pedicure experience. Using luxurious chocolate infused products, your feet will enjoy a warm chocolate foot bath in the hot tub. This is then followed by a chocolate leg and foot scrub to eliminate any dry skin, and finished with a decadent cocoa foot and leg mask to lock in moisture. You will feel completely decadent!

Duration: 70min

N 10,00 Female

N 13,000 Male

Aromatherapy Pedicure

Indulge your senses with the essential oil of your choice for pain relieve and relaxation. Relax your feet and mind while being pampered, this can also be combined with paraffin wax treatment

 It’s an unforgettable experience!

Duration: 50 minutes

N 8,500 Female

N 9,500 Male

Paraffin Foot Treatment

 Your tired feet will be pampered with warm paraffin to feel soft, smooth, and moisturised.. Excellent for dry skin or anyone experiencing the pain of arthritis. 

Duration: 60 minutes

N 5000