This is our signature facial for oily skin and those with mild acne, purely herbal and exclusive only to Bioviva spa. Excess oil will be reduced and pores can now breathe well. We end this facial treat with our signature handmade antibacterial powder which keeps you protected all day, you feel really clean and fresh. GET the powder at the counter for daily use to reduce oil and keep you constantly fresh.
Duration: 1hr 10mins.




This works perfectly for people with inflammation and cystic acne, purely herbal and helps in eliminating acne, eczema, bumps, after shave rash, skin allergy. Our signature herbal mask works greatly by drawing toxins from the pores, heals and dries up injury. Your skin will feel very free after this therapy. GET our herbal mask, powder and Nature soap at the counter to continue the healing process at home. A 9 DAYS detox program is advised to get rid of dirt from the system.
SESSION: 6 weeks.  Duration: 2HRS




This facial therapy is rich in Multi fruit acids and botanical ingredient blend. We start with vital-c – Aloe gel mask which is used to restore your skin’s luminosity. It’s then followed with a fabulous organic citrus and avocado oil facial massage, at this moment all you need do is to sleep off in our soft palms. Treatment helps to maintain the elasticity of skin, helping it stay soft, smooth, very bright and young looking. You will look very radiant and ready to party, your foundation will set well on your skin
CAUTION: HEAVY MAKEUP IS ONLY ALLOWED 24HOURS AFTER TREATMENT. If you have an occasion come a day before your event.  1HOUR 20




We start this treatment by first giving you a glass of beetroot and celery juice to energise you. This treatment is very rich in natural vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B-12, vitamin E, and vitamin B3 all of which are vital for skin health. This treatment helps fights free radicals which cause early aging. It also treats flabby skin by eliminating the body’s metabolic waste products and strengthens the skin. Great for all skin type especially sun damaged skin and bleached skin.
Duration: 1:30mins




Do you feel tired and stressed and it shows all over your face? Then, our lavender face spa is for you. Special and customised treat only for stressed and tired face, a 45mins of heaven on earth for relaxation and energy balancing. Enjoy this great treat in a private room infused with healing scents and a complimentary hydrotherapy foot massage. BE RENEWED, STAY REJUVENATED, STAY GREAT!!
Duration 45min.




Specially formulated for Bioviva spa, made from natural and organic ingredients, this treatment will help balance oil production without subjecting skin to harsh synthetics. The formulas found in these treatment help prevent breakouts without stripping skin of valuable hydration which can often make skin problems worse. This treatment can address all of the oily, blemish prone, shiny and sensitive skin care needs. Results in healthy, clean, clear, beautiful skin, we also recommend you purchase the Bio-clear series at the counter for after care home use for great result!
Duration: 1:30mins


Is this your first time at the spa? Or you have not visited for a while now? We recommend you have a detox therapy to eliminate toxins and debris that can hinder the effectiveness of products on the skin. Experience the magic of sesame, neem and Djanssan (Djanssan is a special Cameroon blended oil very rich in onions) Three powerful anti-oxidant infused into volcano clay. Skin becomes very clean and pores can now breathe well. We end this treat with a cup of detox tea. NOW YOUR SKIN IS READY!!!!




Our men are special in Bioviva, they work hard, so they truly deserve this treat. We start with a gentle but mildly vigorous acupressure face and scalp massage infused with ginger and grapefruit essential oil. This improves alertness, help focusing abilities, elevates emotional state, combat fatigue and improves breathing. Skin becomes hydrated and softer after this treatment. We complement this with reflex point foot manipulation loaded with mint and lavender to further increase energy level.
You can add to this therapy our sensational-scent pedicure at 15% discount.




For those people with ingrown hair, undere jaw bumps and aftershave rash
Result is visible and skin becomes clearer and softer.