5 Simple Skincare Tips

5 simple skincare tips that can take you from drab to fab

We all want to stay forever Young, don’t we? Here’s the good news, if you put your heart to it, you can!

It’s quite possible to keep looking beautiful, radiant and refreshed long into your old age and the simple secret to achieving this, is to develop a healthy skin care routine.

The skin is an essential part of the body, it’s the largest organ in the body. Caring for your skin is no luxury, the skin needs to be cared for and pampered on a daily basis. Developing a healthy skin care routine has some incredible benefits from looking beautiful to delaying the aging process, the list is endless. Here are some simple skin care routine you should follow.

Eat healthy: do you want to have a beautiful, glowing skin? Then watch what you eat. Your diet has a lot of effect on your body and your skin. A good diet is one that has lots of minerals and vitamins, in Oder to have a skin that heals and repairs fast from damage it’s very essential to include foods that have vitamin E, C , and A. Don’t forget to include a healthy dose of fruits and vegetables, they make all the difference.

Drink a lot of water: water is good for theskin, it gives it the needed moisture and flexibility. Stay hydrated always, that’s one of the biggest secrets to having a great skin. Dehydration causes the skin to dry up and become shriveled and wrinkled. It is advisable to drink six to eight glasses of water a day, especially during the dryer seasons, ensure to take enough fluids along with you wherever you go. In addition to water, there are some fruits that are known to supply the body with fluids. fruits like watermelon and cucumber. These fruits also have some essential minerals that help to keep the skin hydrated, radiant and healthy.

Avoid smoking and alcohol: smoking and drinking alcohol are habits that enhance the aging process. Smoking has a lot of negative effects on the skin, this is because the skin needs oxygen and smoking deprives the skin of oxygen and other essential nutrients. Needless to say that this is bad for the skin, It causes the skin to loose radiance and flexibility. Alcohol is also a major threat to the skin, in other to have a skin that is young and flourishing you need to avoid alcohol, vitamin A is a major nutrient that helps the skin to heal and repair itself fast. Unfortunately, alcohol destroys the supply of alcohol leaving the skin prone to bacteria and infections.

Use satin pillowcase: placing your face against a coarse surface can add to the years on your skin. If you want to keep the aging process at Bay for a little longer period of time then switch up your cotton pillowcases with satin ones. Cotton has the tendency to rub the skin of it’s natural oils and moisture, satin on the other hand helps the skin to retain it’s natural oils. Satin pillowcases provides your skin with the luxury of sleeping without developing deep lines, which you would ordinarily get after long hours of sleeping on a cotton pillowcase.

Should in case you have any question concerning these awesome simple skincare tips? Feel free to use the comment box below and we will get back to you ASAP.

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