5 Anti-aging Therapies That Are Becoming Increasingly Popular

More Anti-aging Therapies That Are Becoming Increasingly Popular 2019

Don’t we all want to stay forever Young? As much as ageing is a natural process we all would give anything to keep it away, basically because of how much it affects our appearance. The ageing lines, receding hairline, wrinkles and hair loss that comes with ageing is something we all dread. Your appearance is the first thing people notice about you, the better you look the more confident you feel.

Unfortunately the struggles of day to day activities also hastens the ageing process. Stress like you already guessed, is one factor that fastens the ageing process, that’s why it’s really important to take a break every once in a while.
In addition, there are some lifestyle changes we can make and some therapies we can undertake in other to stall the ageing process and keep our bodies looking agile and radiant for a long time. Thankfully, these therapies are within your reach! Here at Bioviva spa, we offer a wide range of these services, our team of professionals and State-of-the-art facilities have been modified to handle these treatments effectively.

Anti-aging Therapies That Are Becoming Increasingly Popular

Laser therapy:

thanks to technology, your dreams of having a spotless skin can be achieved. If you feel overwhelmed by the ageing signs that seem to be taking over your body, you can go in for a laser treatment. This procedure is done by professionals, it is safe and is done quickly. If you are looking to have a smoother skin then this would be a great choice for you. It improves your skin and leaves you with a perfectly toned skin, free of blemishes.

Dermal fillers:

this is an amazing anti-aging therapy that works great. Dermal Fillers just involvesgetting rid of wrinkles and facial lines by filling the skin with either collagen, synthetic fillers or fat. The choice is yours to make, depending on what you feel most comfortable with. Most people usually opt for either collagen fillers or fat, collagen does have some long lasting anti-aging effects. In the event that fat is used to fill in the wrinkles, fat is usually extracted From other parts of the body like the thighs or buttocks and pumped into the required area. So if you are looking for Fuller lips, plump cheeks and a glowing skin, this treatment would definitely be a great choice for you. Ensure that you get this treatment done in a reputable beauty center like Bioviva spa, in order to get the best results.
The good thing about getting fillers is that it gives you a very naturalyouthful appearance, has a long lasting effect and is completely safe.

Cell Therapy:

If you are interested in having a stem cell therapy in order to achieve your dreams of looking young and fresh, There are quite a couple of clinics which offer stem cell therapy, this treatment rejuvenates the body and boasts of having a long lasting positive effect. Cellular therapy which can be traced back to the nineteenth century is a therapy in which cellular material is pumped into a patient, this is usually done to replace weak or dying cells with healthy ones. When it comes to skin care, this procedure is done to replace aging cells with functional, living cells to make the person involved look younger and more ravishing. This treatment is readily available In Bioviva spa.

Botulinum toxin therapy(Botox):

this is one of the most common anti-aging therapies in the world today, more and more people are buying into this treatment in a bid to get rid of the ageing signs. This procedure involves temporarily paralyzing the facial muscles which in turn leaves the individual with a smoother looking skin.

Liquid Facelifts:

ever heard of this therapy before? It is a procedure that involves the use of both dermal fillers and muscle relaxers to treat the client in other to achieve a younger look. This treatment is becoming increasingly popular due to how effective it is.

Microcurrent therapy:

Why struggle with aging lines and sagging flesh when you can live out your dreams of having a firm, young looking body! Thanks to technology, this treatment is readily available and easily accessible. Microcurrent therapy involves the use of specific electrical currents to the part of the body that is aging or injured and requires treatment. More and more people are opting for this procedure because it works great and is highly effective, it helps the ailing tissue heal and is also a very effective treatment for pain Management. It is an amazing treatment used to stimulate the muscles and tighten the skin, leaving you with a more youthful look. So if you are looking to tighten the muscles in your face and get rid of every form of wrinkle, then this natural facelift is the way to go.

Hydra facials:

the list would be incomplete without a mention of this amazing facial treatment which is a combination of exfoliation, hydration, extractionand facial cleansing. It is great for the treatment of acne, pimples and wrinkles. The facial pores are cleansed and whatever junk that may have been clogging your pores are completelyextracted, in the same process potent serums are injected into the skin, the result is always breathtaking! A firm, healthy radiant and plum looking face is what the individual gets in the end. The best thing about this treatment is that it is painless, soothing, great for all skin types and highly effective. Need I mention that it is also highly recommended.


tired of dull skin and age spots? This therapy is just what you might need! Microdermabrasion involves the use of tiny exfoliating Crystals on the skin. In some cases a special applicator is used to gently sand or exfoliate the thick outer layer of the skin to rejuvenate it. The procedure just like you may have guessed eradicates the old layer of flesh and reveals a new layer of smoother, glowing skin. It improves skin tone and texture and is great for all skin types.

With all of these amazing treatments at your fingertips, why live one more day with ageing lines or sagging flesh! Come to Bioviva spa and get your body, revived, rejuvenated and rekindled. We are not just your regular spa, Bioviva spa is your one and only solution to any beauty challenge you may have been experiencing. We await your arrival!

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