Beyond Relaxation, embrace Holistic bliss

Our primary goal is to create a healing atmosphere that fosters a harmonious connection between your mind, spirit, and body. Through the exclusive ‘BIOVIVA Holistic Spa’ experience, we extend our commitment to offer this unique ambiance to all our clients. Our space is dedicated to providing a loving and warm environment that not only nurtures a sound mind and healthier you but also promotes the principles of sexual purity.

Exploring the path to Holistic wellness

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We Formulate

We specialize in crafting personalized skincare products tailored to your individual needs. Through a thorough analysis of your skin, our team of skilled formulators creates a unique formula designed to address your specific skin condition. Our track record of exceptional results and our reputation as the “BEST BEAUTY THERAPISTS and BEST SPA IN LAGOS” speaks volumes about our expertise. In addition to our client-focused approach, we also develop professional-grade spa products. Join the ranks of our satisfied clients worldwide and experience the difference for yourself. Your skin deserves nothing less than the finest care.

Spa Membership

A membership with BIOVIVA Holistic Spa promises you value and puts you on a holistic path to total wellness. We’ve always promised to give you value for every penny spent, and that’s just what these are. 

Our memberships are for the continuous spa goers and beauty lovers. We recognise that our clients come in all shapes and sizes, so we have instituted well curated beauty and holistic wellness  plans for just about everyone!

Join the BIOVIVA Tribe today, and embrace tranquillity.

spa in Lagos


We are devoted to providing you with high quality treatments; our therapists are certified with years of experience providing you only industry standard services. Our objective is for you to leave us feeling exquisitely gorgeous, truly great and rejuvenated.

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ionActive+face treat(Iontophoresis for dilated capillaries, dry skin, oily/blemished skin, normal and sensitive skin)
With love in our hearts, we join you to care for your aged ones tenderly caring for them by offering an intensive pampering sessions that leave them absolutely happy.

Bioviva Purity Ritual

Two therapists, one unique client, and a very rare spa wrap and bath that combines Asian,Roman and African bath styles in one bath session exclusive to Bioviva only.

In Bioviva our Clincal massage is often used as part of treatment program for illness, injury, disease and relaxation.

Vitamin Infusion

Vitamin infusion is the secret of a younger and healthier you. It relieves stress, clears toxins, balance hormones.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage improves circulation, relives stiff muscles, and opens tight joints. Heated river stones are strategically arranged on pressure points on the face and body.

Meditation Center

We operate a Christian Meditation center where we connect to the God of Light who is the TRUE source of energy. (John 8:12)

Deep Tissue Massage

 We Provide stress release from tension and chronic pain during a deep tissue massage and we walk deep into the body tissues

Swedish Massage

Our swedish massage is gentler and better suited for people interested in relaxation and tension relief. Tight muscles caused by long sitting position can also be loosen up.

Students Wellness Program

Experiencing high levels of stress can significantly disrupt academic effectiveness. To tackle this issue, Bioviva Spa is committed to crafting individualized wellness programs that cater to the unique requirements of each student.

Welcome to a destination where everything has been conceived with you in mind.